Thursday, January 26, 2006


...but well, I am posting my snow pics anyway.
This was last Saturday. Had never seen my neighbourhood dressed up like this.

There's the little shrine near my house, all snowed over. This shrine is dedicated to children (or, more precisely, upbringing), and you can always see some offering of milk, fruit or sweets in front of the small statue on the left.

Inspired by the snow, I prepared a desert that my grandmother used to spoil us with when we were children. It is custard cream with merengue dumplings - so good!

And now, sudden switch to crafty contents.

Pics were taken 2 weeks ago in the park. Yey, this is my first knitted cardigan! The pattern is Clementine's Cardi, a simple but clever pattern written by Di - lots of thanks to the author!

In the "Messy display on the park bench" still-life shot, you can see one completed sleeve, one almost-completed sleeve, and one almost-completed-but-put-aside-until-deciding-cardigan-length-later front panel.

Since then, I managed to almost-finish (see a pattern here?) the second front panel. It's moving, slowly moving.

The yarn I am using is a local Japanese brand (Mariabehty - Kanebo), 100% wool. I had bought 10 skeins with no particular purpose, but as I was knitting the cardigan I realized I would be soon running out of it. I bought another 10 skeins (just in case..?! well not really, I just have this tendency of buying yarn "by the bag").

The new skeins were a different dye lot, hence the two skeins in the pic - I used them alternately. Hope to be back some time soon with the full garment.

Since I wrote the last entry, many things have happened. Like, my first night out at the Tokyo SnB, and a very exciting meeting with wonderful crafty bloggers - Kat, Molly and Jan. Thank you for the good time last weekend, and hope to meet you all again sometime!

All too much to put in one entry really!

Better than nothing I guess :) See you next time on the net!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hey hey, so here I am back where I started!
I knew it, I just knew I wouldn't make a good blogger.

But here I am 6 months away from my first post, willing to post again.
I won't make any promise this time (as if I ever did make a promise about this!).

I'll get to today's topic then.
The Yohji Yamamoto jacket that I made last September.
I just posted it on
That's where I got the idea, the link to the free pattern, and the inspiration to make this in thick woolen fabric.
I'm posting the pics here too. I had them taken today in the park, and the pond behind me was FROZEN. Couldn't
wait to get back home.. brrr..

I think I'll stop here for the moment, posting this is getting me so nervous... hope it doesn't put me off blogging!

I have lots of things to show, sewing, knitting and maybe even baking related.
Next post - "Clementine's cardi", the piece I am knitting right now, and which is actually my first cardigan. I have some pics ready - so stay tuned!

(PS I really haven't got the hang of this yet... bear with me please.)