Saturday, November 04, 2006


Progress in the crafty area has been almost inexistent, but I have managed to get back to some cooking and baking lately. I was getting sick of bentos and eatouts - so much lacking the warmth and simplicity of home-made food. That was what we had during the first months of pregnancy, when the kitchen was not the place for me to be...

So, I recently tried pumpkin bread (after a recipe from Mollycoddle, with mashed steamed pumpkin - we don't have pumpkin cans around here - and with a handful of walnuts added):
It was a success! Moist and spicy. I have made it twice already.

Then, here is a morning shake recipe I recommend.
Knowing I had this in the morning helps me stress less about "having to eat healthy" and getting a variety of vitamins, minerals and such:
(Pictured here with homemade Danish bread from the bread machine).
The recipe is simple, it's not my original - I just saw it on TV once.
The shake contains banana, plain yoghurt, milk, raw brown sugar, kinako (roasted soy bean powder), ground black sesame and wheatgrass powder. I don't like the kinako and the wheatgrass powder in their original form, but this combination tastes great!
My wheatgrass powder is not the vivid green it was at first, and I use brown sugar instead of the honey the original recipe asked for, so the final colour is not so attractive - but if you see this in a fresher green, it really looks like a kiwi shake, with all those tiny black specks.
You should give it a try!


Blogger gleek said...

mmmm, that pumpkin bread looks great!

10:36 am  
Anonymous suzy said...

That sounds yummy! Did you buy the wheatgrass powder in Japan?

5:06 pm  

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