Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hey hey, so here I am back where I started!
I knew it, I just knew I wouldn't make a good blogger.

But here I am 6 months away from my first post, willing to post again.
I won't make any promise this time (as if I ever did make a promise about this!).

I'll get to today's topic then.
The Yohji Yamamoto jacket that I made last September.
I just posted it on
That's where I got the idea, the link to the free pattern, and the inspiration to make this in thick woolen fabric.
I'm posting the pics here too. I had them taken today in the park, and the pond behind me was FROZEN. Couldn't
wait to get back home.. brrr..

I think I'll stop here for the moment, posting this is getting me so nervous... hope it doesn't put me off blogging!

I have lots of things to show, sewing, knitting and maybe even baking related.
Next post - "Clementine's cardi", the piece I am knitting right now, and which is actually my first cardigan. I have some pics ready - so stay tuned!

(PS I really haven't got the hang of this yet... bear with me please.)


Anonymous suzy said...

I found your blog via Molly - so exciting to have another "crafty/japan" one to read.
That jacket looks beautiful.

11:29 am  
Blogger gleek said...

what a fantastic jacket! i'm so glad that you're blogging :) i'm adding you to my newsreader right now.

keep it up!!

12:41 am  

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