Monday, June 19, 2006


I was (again) just about to give up posting because I couldn't think of a title. But I guess I should just do it or nothing will happen, right?

As of what I have been doing... - To make it short, my batteries have been running low lately. Looking back, I have been kind of racing through things ever since I came to Japan as a foreign student 9 years ago. Now I just need to stop and take some time for myself.
This means I can make time for more creative things - which will hopefully be food for future posts.

My posting today was actually prompted by Molly, whose trip to the city was a great surprise. We spent some times together wandering through Omotesando and Harajuku and then Shibuya, stopping by a couple of craft-related shops and basically just enjoying the walk through the pleasant neighbourhood despite the teasing rain. We did not really document the outing with pictures of each other - although now I kind of regret it because I am sure there is someone out there who would definitely like to see pictures (promise to do that next time!).
We had a good time together - and talked a lot! Hope to see you again soon, Molly!

And finally today, a long-postponed picture-posting. This is one of the first things I knit when the knitting urge struck me last year. It is the Pixie ribbed hat, a free pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns (you can find very helpful additional instructions and hints on how to make a grown-up version here); yes I was charmed by the pics and just had to make it.
When I heard one of my best and oldest friends back home was expecting her first baby, I headed out to get the yarn. It is a Japanese cotton baby-yarn.
My friend sent me a picture of her son wearing the hat this spring - so, with her permission, there you go.

He is about 11 months old in this picture, and really my type of baby :)!

PS: About the sudden blog title change - it just struck me one night as I was walking home and had to do it right away. "Nuime" means "sewing stitch" or "seam" in Japanese; "me" means stitch, but can also mean "eye" and "sprout".