Sunday, February 19, 2006


Well yes I am still alive even though my "blog life" seems to be at a standstill. Was from the very start, to put it straight.

But let me get to the facts. To the pictures.
Because I still am making things and still taking pictures, planning new entries.
All the planning and daydreaming.
I don't really have time for daydreaming now, it has been so busy at work recently, and I have reached a stage where I come home in the evenings and IGNORE the net. How can that be?
Isn't this as if a smoker just forgot to smoke?

So, as I said, to the facts.

My Clementine's Cardi is almost there. I just need a quiet evening and a cleared floor to cast off 2 pieces and match the puzzle.

Meanwhile, I worked on a few smaller projects, like sewing a woolen vest that I knit one (!) year ago (pics to come after washing etc.), and I answered my first knitting "order".
This is it:

Angora hat

It is an earflap hat, already given as a birthday present.
The recipient was very pleased with the result, which made me even more pleased.
I loosely followed a pattern in a Japanese knitting book. . It was finished in one evening. I particularly enjoyed the 3-stitch I-cord that ends the flaps. I used an angora-wool blend yarn from Bouton d'Or whose name I can't recall, but I remember the colour was called "Raisin", and that the price suited my thriftyness.
I actually bought this yarn in Yuzawaya, after the happy encounter with
Jan, Molly and Kat in Kichijyoji. It's been a month already!

As for future plans.. there are a few already.
Clementine is not yet finished but she is now too big to be taken out for train trips and SNB's.
So... next on the list is another earflap hat - I got another order from my brother this time, after I made the mistake :) of showing him the pic above. His will probably be more "Andean", with some colour insertions or so - have to think out a simple but effective design.

And then another small project - another "order" and another challenge.

Still learning...
I am planning to experiment with these on a well-deserved short trip starting tomorrow!
See you afterwards!