Tuesday, October 03, 2006


It's been a while again.
During the summer I spent some time away from the net, but by now I am back again to the addictive blog reading.
I promised myself I would post here as soon as I have any crafting news, so here you go, my first bag, done last Sunday:

It is based on a pattern for a shopping bag in this book; the original is a quilted bag though. I borrowed the book from the library but I got so charmed I might have to buy it..!
The front of the bag is a canvas-like cotton print, and the lining (with pocket) is a thinner cotton fabric. Both fabrics are from the 100 yen section in the Tomato shop in Nippori, so there was no worry or fussing about wasting fabric on this bag experiment.

Tomato is probably the biggest (and often cheapest) fabric store on Nippori Fabric Street, and I always end up spending quite some time there...
Last week I headed there with specific purposes; they were partially fulfilled, partially changed, prey to the moment's whim (or should we call it inspiration?).
I came home with two sets of fabrics.

The first is a double layer gauze selection, and the second is a set of cotton prints and solids for what will hopefully be my first quilt.
All this stuff is destined for a new someone due to arrive next spring.
I am actually pregnant (first time) and starting to feel better after the first hard months.
Hope to get a few things made before the baby is born.

The quilt colour combination was something I decided on the spot with surprising ease - it almost makes me think it wasn't me who took the decision!
I am imagining something simple, in stripes of various widths, something like
Mollychicken's "quick baby quilt" here.

I intend to keep record of any progress here, so.. wish me luck!